Console Consisting Of 72 Squares Of Shagreen, Augusti, Twentieth Century

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Original Lamp

Ria and Yuri Augusti (or Augousti) are now a famous designer couple. They meet for the first time in London through the decorator John Stefanidis. Since then, their collaboration has given birth to furniture that draws on the savoir-faire of different cultures around the world while maintaining a line faithful to the style of the 1930s that fascinates them. The Crillon Hotel commissioned office accessories for their suites.

On our console, the designer couple has sheathed the furniture of 72 squares of ivory shagreen, the line is sober and perfectly integrates the codes of the Art Deco style.

Delivery worldwide.

This Augusti console is visible in our showroom Blaye, 19 cours Bacalan, 33390 Blaye.

Dimensions :

Height : 90 cm
Width : 165 cm
Depth : 45 cm

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