Drawing signed « Boldini », Giovanni Boldini (1842 – 1931), XIXth Century


Giovanni Boldini

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Henri Emile Vollet

Black Graphite Drawing on Paper, probably between 1871 and 1875

A talented Italian artist, Giovanni Boldini first distinguished himself in London during a stay where he produced small portraits of women from high society. The craze was such that he was quickly requested in Paris when he settled there. Initially a portrait painter of the women of the upper bourgeoisie, he quickly became the Belle Époque painter of the Tout Paris. Developing a way that would later be recognized as a precursor to the image of the “femme fatale” in cinema, Boldini was a bourgeois and worldly painter in his lifetime whose works were worth a fortune. Even today, we note the significant rarity of his works on the art market. The painting discovered in Paris in 2010 thus flew at the price of 2.1 million euros acquired by a private collector …

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Height: 42.5 cm
Width: 34.5 cm
Depth: 3 cm

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