Huile sur panneau signée Emmanuel Fougerat.
Huile sur panneau signée Emmanuel Fougerat.Huile sur panneau signée Emmanuel Fougerat.Huile sur panneau signée Emmanuel Fougerat.

Female Nude Signed Fougerat, Oil On Panel, 20th Century


Emmanuel Fougerat

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Emmanuel Fougerat

At first, student of the Regional School of Fine Arts in Rennes, Emmanuel Fougerat (1869 – 1958) continued his training in Paris with Albert Maignan (1845 – 1908) and Jean-Paul Laurens (1838 – 1921), very famous for his history paintings.
He later became the director of the School of Fine Arts in Nantes and the founder and curator of the Museum of Fine Arts in the same city. In 1912, he was named Knight of the Legion of Honor.

Emmanuel Fougerat also distinguished himself as an art historian and developed through books, the artworks of painters Albert Besnard, Paul Baudry, Eugene Carriere, Theodore Chasseriau, Camille Corot, among others.

As an artist, Fougerat became known for his genre scenes, portraits and nudes. He exhibited at the Salon of French artists until 1945.
He died in Paris on September 3rd, 1958 and was buried in the 74th division of the Parisian cemetery of Bagneux.

This oil on panel in perfect condition is a beautiful piece of painting characteristic of the best period of this scholarly personality and artist.

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This feminine nude is visible in Bordeaux store, 64 rue Notre-Dame, 33000 Bordeaux.

Panel dimensions:

Height: 46 cm
Width: 38 cm

Dimensions with the frame:

Height: 57.5 cm
Width: 49 cm

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