Our history

The history of Pipat Antiquités

A century of existence

PIPAT Antiquités, founded in 1900, is located in BLAYE and BORDEAUX in the Chartrons district.
PIPAT and sons is the fourth generation of antique dealers.
Ulysse PIPAT, a ragpicker at the beginning of the 20th century, gave the kick-off to this family business that today buys, sells and exerts its expertise in France and around the world. The PIPAT gallery is present at the provincial salons and the biggest salons in Paris.

"A true historical heart of the business, the Chartrons district, like the wine it has preserved for many years in its cellars located on the banks of the Garonne, has grown in age but has not grown old. Wine traders of yesterday have been replaced by the antiques' dealers. The neighborhood is a meeting place for the antique hunters, loafers, night owls and tourists, and the new neighborhood is living a new life between the very commercial Cours Portal and the Cité Mondiale which has become a business and congress place."

Ulysse Pipat - Chiffonier - Blaye 1904